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Business Accounts

Boost your business with Business Solutions

Get the tools you need to successfully manage your company’s finances with MyPoint Credit Union Business Solutions. Our full line of business services and products are designed for today's small, medium, and large companies. This is just the boost your business needs.
Business Checking
Keep your business running smoothly with a Business Checking Account.

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Business Premier Checking
Ideal for small, medium, and large businesses!

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Introducing Autobooks
Manage and grow your small business with Autobooks, a new way to accept payments and send invoices through digital banking. Autobooks creates invoices, accepts payments and pays bills automatically.

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Business Money Management Account
Maximize the return on your cash account with a MyPoint Credit Union Business Money Management Account. It’s the closest you can get to share certificate rates, but with flexibility that share certificates do not have.
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13-month Liquid Share Certificate*
Earn more and save more with a 13-month liquid share certificate. Lock in a high yield with penalty-free liquidity.
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Business Savings Account
Build up a safety net for your business with a MyPoint Credit Union Savings Account. Use it as a rainy-day fund for when business is slow. Use it to set aside money for your taxes. Use it as overdraft protection for your checking account. And whatever you use it for, earn interest on the balance.
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