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Solar Loans

Save Money, Save Energy, Save the Planet!

Being environmentally friendly can be budget friendly too, with our affordable Green Living Loans. We are here to help you conserve energy, reduce your carbon footprint, and save on energy consumption.

Our Green Living Loans provides financing for energy-wise home upgrades and improvements such as:

  • Solar power panels and water heaters
  • Energy-efficient roofing and attic and wall insulation
  • Energy-saving appliances, windows, and light fixtures
  • Recycled water treatment systems
  • Water conserving and fire safe landscaping
  • Drip irrigation systems and rainwater harvesting equipment and systems
If you’ve been considering energy efficient upgrades, now’s the time!
If you are a solar company and are interested in partnering with MyPoint Credit Union to provide your company’s financing needs, please contact us to learn more.

Net Energy Metering is a special billing arrangement that allows you to receive credit for the full retail value of the electricity your system exports to the utility.

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