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MyPoint Credit Union Personal Loans

Improve your quality of life with a personal loan from our southern California credit union

For your personal needs, unexpected expenses, or planned purchases, MyPoint Credit Union offers personal loans to fit your budget.

With a personal loan from MyPoint Credit Union, you can finance:

  • Home improvements
  • Wedding or honeymoon
  • Trips and vacations
  • Green Solar Loans
  • Debt consolidation
  • Medical expenses
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Car repairs
  • Computers
Whether it’s solar panels for your home or energy-efficient appliances that you are buying, we have financing options for you. MyPoint Credit Union is here to help you conserve energy and reduce your monthly energy costs too!

Loan amount: Up to $75,000
Terms: Up to 240 months

Just sign your name, and the money is yours with a MyPoint Credit Union Signature Loan. On approved credit and proof of income, no collateral is necessary for most personal loans that you can use to finance pretty much anything, from Sharper Image Cosmetic Surgery Loans, Wedding Loans, Computer Loans to Debt Consolidation Loans.

  • Loan amount: Up to $50,000
  • Terms: Up to 60 months for most loans

Build your credit with a MyPoint Credit Union Secured Loan. Whether you’re starting from scratch with no credit history, or you’re trying to improve your credit score, timely payments on a secured loan – which we will report to the credit bureaus – will make a difference.

  • Collateral: Your Share Savings or Certificate Account
  • Loan amount: Up to 100% of your Share Savings or Certificate account
  • Terms: Up to 60 months
Finance your home improvement projects such as plumbing installation and repairs, cement work, electrical repairs, pool repairs, and more!

  • Loan amount: Up to $15,000
  • Terms: Up to 60 months for most loans

Never be strapped for cash again with a MyPoint Credit Union Personal Line of Credit. Whether you need money for something specific, or to protect your checking from overdrafts, we want to help.

Access cash when you need it with MyPoint Credit Union Easyline. Use it to finance pretty much anything, from big purchases and vacations to unexpected car repairs or medical expenses not covered by insurance. Whatever you need, your line of credit makes it quick and easy to get.

  • Credit limit: Up to $25,000
  • Annual fee: No fee!
  • Rate: Variable
  • Easy access: By check or ATM

CASH+PLUS Overdraft Protection
Give yourself peace of mind with MyPoint Credit Union CASH+PLUS Overdraft Protection. Your CASH+PLUS account will cover overdrafts on your MyPoint Credit Union Checking.

  • Protection amount: Up to $25,000
  • Annual fee: No fees

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