Check presentation with MyPoint staff and San Ysidro staff for funds raised for El Zapaton.

San Ysidro Health's El Zapaton

Thank you for your generosity!

With your support, we raised


for San Ysidro Health's El Zapatón Fundraiser!

San Ysidro Health's El Zapatón (the Big Shoe is Spanish) was created to help children ages 5-17 access critical resources like a new pair of shoes, socks, backpacks, and hygiene kits. El Zapatón benefits children from low-income resources that otherwise would not have access to some of the critical resources.

In November and December, we raised funds to help supply the critical resources that children need.

Here's where your support helped:

  • $5 – Socks
  • $10 - Hygiene Kit
  • $25 - Shoes
  • $50 - Large shoe paper cut-out displayed in our branch
  • $100 - Essential Combo (Hygiene Kit, Socks, Backpack, and Shoes)
  • $1,000 - Sponsor 10 Essential Combos (10 children)

*When making an online donation, please select "MyPoint," where it asks, "How did you hear about this campaign."

Thank you for supporting El Zapatón!
El Zapaton graphic of shoes with the MyPoint Logo.