Top Benefits of a Digital Wallet

Millions of Americans have a digital wallet of some kind or another. From PayPal to Venmo to Coinbase (for cryptocurrencies), there's a good chance you're a tap away from convenient, protected, and organized funds. Do you know all the benefits of a digital wallet? Some may surprise you – but let's start with the obvious first: 

Digital Wallets Make It Easy to Get Paid and Pay Others

These days, it's easy to send money to a person when using your digital wallet, especially because you use it right from your cell phone. You could be purchasing food, paying for an Airbnb, paying rent and bills, anything, and it's wildly convenient!

Free to Use and Easy Signup

If you're not already using digital wallet, it's free to use and signing up takes less than a minute. At MyPoint, connect your credit and/or debit card accounts to Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay with just your MyPoint Credit Union login!

Unlike a Leather Wallet, You Can Lock a Digital Wallet

Most digital wallets have their own locking function, making them incredibly secure. Compare that to cash in your back pocket or purse, and…well, it's not even a comparison.

More Secure Than a Credit Card

Purchases made using a digital wallet will show up in your account as a credit or debit. If the store or website accepts digital wallet payments, you can set it so the transaction is charged to whatever account you like. When you pay with your digital wallet in-store or online, the transaction will process through the wallet account, but it charges your credit or debit card for the transaction.

Setting up Your Digital Wallet

Simply open your mobile wallet app and add your MyPoint Visa credit and/or debit card information!

Learn more about Apply Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay here.
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