Now's a Great Time to Buy a Car

Why Now Might be a Good Time to Buy a New Car

A car is a big purchase, and it can often feel like it's never the right time to make a big purchase. But right now might be the perfect time! Read on for some good reasons why buying a new car now can make you smile:

More Safety

From blind spot detection to automatic braking, technological safety is one of the most exciting prospects of new vehicles. Beyond airbags and backup cameras, today's cars take security to the next level – and ensure peace of mind to the highest degree.

Better Technology

But the cool new tech doesn't start and end at safety features. To use a very specific example, a 2011 Honda Accord is incompatible with the iPhone X, meaning it can't play music from the device. And if you think Spotify and podcasts don't make or break a commute, you must live outside of Southern California! But we're also talking about touch screens that bring your iPhone to your dashboard. The future is here, and it's showcased in new cars.

New and Certified Pre-Owned Warranties

A warranty is ridiculously valuable. If your car isn't covered, you're responsible for the repairs, and those repairs will likely overtake the costs of a new car the longer you hold off. Remember: a used car that's certified pre-owned is covered by warranty.

Cash Incentives You (Probably) Didn't Realize

The expression, "Cash on the hood," is a common one among car dealers, and it means you can get free money that reduces the cost of the vehicle. Examples include student or graduate discounts and special deals for members of the military and veterans. Speaking of Honda, if you drive it to a Ford dealership, you can get a discount for owning a competitor's brand (this strategy applies to all competing brands).

The Ridiculous Advantages of an Eco-Friendly Car

We all know about the gas savings of green vehicles…but have you seen these gas prices? They make me want to take my car off the road and Uber everywhere. So you'd save tremendously on gas.

And when you finance your green vehicle with us, you’ll receive a 0.25% reduction on already low rates.

You Can Do Everything from Home

Have you heard of Carvana (Opens in a new Window)? You can sell, trade, and buy all online now, and even negotiate too. Browse using super convenient filters to easily explore the massive selection. And don't hesitate to reach out to us to help with your financing.

PRO TIP: Buying a new car is exciting. Don't forget to have fun!
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