8 Reasons to go Solar

Is Going Solar Right For You?

The sun rises to the occasion every day. When its light hits the PV panels on your roof, it generates an electric current. That is converted into electricity to power your home. More than one million homes across America now have solar panels, and that figure will continue to increase dramatically.

It may surprise you, but the first solar cells were invented in the 1800s. However, they were less than 1% efficient. Bell Labs created the first useful silicon panel in 1954, and it was about 6% efficient. Today, new panels are in the 19-to-21 percent range.

Should you consider going solar? Yes! Here are the eight good reasons why:

  1. San Diego is sunny or partly sunny 70% of the time. So, it is an excellent environment for installing solar panels.
  2. Solar power generating systems can lower your monthly electric bill.
  3. Rebates from the California Solar Initiative are at their highest.
  4. Solar panels are considerably less expensive than they used to be.
  5. Solar panels increase property value.
  6. You can receive credit for the energy you produce.
  7. The technology is extremely reliable. Ten year warranties are common.
  8. It’s good for the environment!

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